The Topas is a settled station screen and is housed in a little, lockable unit which can be divider mounted in an advantageous area on location.

Topas remains for Turnkey Optical Particle Analysis System. Intended to ceaselessly record natural TSP, PM10, PM2.5 and PM1 particles, it offers an extensive testing and checking answer for building destinations, producing destinations and modern activities, and in addition neighborhood experts and different associations.

The Topas has been Environment Agency MCERTS confirmed so clients are ensured solid and precise account of PM10 information. It is clear to utilize, can be effectively divider mounted, and all controls and shows are situated behind the lockable entryway.

  • Continuous, on-site air quality measurement
  • Inputs for wind speed, direction, traffic counters, gas sensors, sound meters
  • Reference filter for gravimetric callibration

Product Description

One settled Topas station screen can be utilized in a particular area. Or on the other hand numerous locales can be arranged together to give a total checking framework, to quantify and record information for a whole association with various areas or a more extensive land region.

Diverse areas can be associated by radio, phone, web association or settled wiring, and for remote areas radio or GSM modems.

How it works

The Topas, in company with our other airborne particle monitors, works using Turnkey’s specifically developed nephelometer. Air samples are drawn through the nephelometer on a continuous basis which evaluatessaperate particles as they pass through a laser beam. The particles are then gathered on the reference filter. The nephelometer’s microprocessor has the potential to evaluate saperate particles even if there are millions of particles per litre.

Product Demonstration

Reporting and analysing data

The Topas can be utilized with our AirQ programming. Outlined in-house by the specialists at Turnkey, the product is easy to use and perfect for overseeing and showing results. Information and results would then be able to be effortlessly revealed and examined utilizing AirQ, and charts and tables can be sent out to Excel for promote examination and announcing purposes.

At the point when utilized with a Turnkey Web Server, the Osiris might be utilized with our AirQWeb online interface. Information is gathered from the instrument, and AirQWeb gives a free, easy to understand stage for getting to, inspecting, and putting away your information. It empowers clients to create charts and reports, which can be changed over to Excel or PDF records for additionally detailing and investigation.

Furthermore, we have built up the AirQApp for Android and Apple cell phones, empowering clients to get to information in a hurry. With the application, clients can produce 3D charts, begin and quit examining, change the arrangement of the sensors, and create reports.

Additional monitoring

The Topas is a flexible screen. Notwithstanding the office to organize stations, the Topas can be utilized with different finders, for example, gas sensors, precipitation checks, activity counters and sound meters.


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