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 About Wheatgrass:
 Wheatgrass is renowned for its therapeutic value since ancient times under Naturopathy or Nature Cure, which is a branch of Ayurveda and traditionally used for maintenance of general health in various healing practices. Whole leaf Wheat Grass Powder is considered like a naturopathic medicine super food promoted by Naturopaths, Naturopathy Practisioners, Herbalist, Alternative Therapists, to help combat stubborn diseases especially related to blood and digestion right from Anemial, Thalassemia, Diabetes, Hemorrhoids / Piles to Cancers. Our product “Girme’s Wheatgrass Powder” is Super Healthy, Super Convenient and Super Economical. Bursting! With concentrated nutrients in natural form – even more than fresh wheatgrass juice! Natural! – made from fresh, organically grown wheatgrass sprouts. Gluten Free – as it is made from sprouted 7days old green wheat leaf and not from the wheat seeds. Economical! – 100 g pack which is at lower cost than a month’s supply of fresh wheatgrass juice. Convenient! – have your wheatgrass shot anywhere, any time! Easy! – ideal for travellers, mums, kids, elderly & anyone who wants maximum benefit with convenience! Safe! – for children, the elderly and infirm, during pregnancy, breastfeeding and if trying to conceive. Quality! – HACCP & Organic Certified – produced under strictly controlled sterile conditions.


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